The Ministry in charge of passenger transport is the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition, whose link is on passenger transport.

The rental of a collector car with driver is authorized for a fee (professional) for holders of non-probative driving license B and having:

a professional pass for people (this is in no way a driving license)
a transport license (red badge on the windshield of the vehicle)
a valid “professional liability” insurance ensuring the persons transported and their luggage
a valid insurance covering the vehicle for the risks related to its use. be registered in the transport register.

Some extracts of the very good article on this subject of the site
“For your rental does not turn into a nightmare, it is necessary to take into account several points.First point: the papers.If your vehicle is registered in CG Collection, forget its location: it is prohibited for you to use it in a professional setting, its use is strictly restricted to personal use.

The use: People used to ride in modern cars are not necessarily very “skilled” with the old … heating time, shifting, braking, visibility, we all know that it is very different. As such, it is necessary to differentiate the hiring with driver (you drive your car) of the hiring without driver (the tenant drives your car). Also beware of wedding decorations or the needs of a movie … your painting could keep some memories.

Fiscally, as long as you do not do a regular activity, it is not necessary to be a professional with storefront. Nevertheless, the income generated will have to be declared to the tax authorities. As long as the rental remains occasional (1 to 2 times per year), the income from the rental of your car will be considered as a fee sharing on the maintenance of your vehicle (BNC) and not as a commercial profit (BIC) . However, it is best to contact your tax office. Avoid solutions “amicably” or “without invoice” … it’s playing with fire when there are people transported.

To carry passengers for a fee with this type of vehicle, you must meet the criteria of license or attestation. If you do not have these permissions, you are considered a stowaway, not covered by insurance. Not to mention the criminal prosecution such as the confiscation of the vehicle, the fine of 15000 euros, the prison sentence … “

A real hunt for these taxis-clandestins is in progress, especially in Paris with the Boers (police transport). Whether for conventional vehicles but also for individuals who rent their old cars punctually for weddings or other events without any necessary authorizations and authorizations.