Looking for a collector vehicle without driver just for the pleasure, for a particular event, or for an original gift, we offer the rental of our coupe Mustang 1965 V8 auto transmission.

It must be kept in mind that this Mustang at 54 years old, that it has minimum safety system (drum brakes), ventral safety belts, lighting standards of the time, a power steering of the time also .. .

It must be “piloted” with gentleness, anticipation and great vigilance. The 200 horsepower V8 engine propels it easily, but the unattended braking and course change reaction time limits fast driving. The chassis is not made for that, it feels good on the handling of the vehicle, it has no assistance in use.

Extract of our rates :

Do not hesitate to consult us for longer durations, we will establish a quote (free).

* Beyond a one-day rental, the Mustang must be parked in closed shelters.

Extract of our conditions of eligibility:

  • 10 years of license with 5 years of minimum insurance,
  • no withdrawal or cancellation of alcohol license, narcotic, excessive speed in the last 5 years, probationary license not accepted,
  • rental deposit 5000 euros, with insurance deductible at 3000 euros
    every driver must be declared on the term rental insurance contract,

Extract from our rental conditions:

  • The car is to take care of and bring back to Pornic,
  • Refuel must be exclusively unleaded 95 SP95 or unleaded 98 SP98, it is strictly forbidden to put fuels with Ethanol or diesel fuel.
  • The full is done at the beginning, it must be made to restitution. Charges apply in the opposite case in addition to a billing of fuel supplement.
  • ….

Contact us at 06 01 81 94 06 for more details and additional information.

See you soon,

The VTC Collection team