It must be kept in mind that this Mustang at 54 years old, that it has minimum safety system (drum brakes), ventral safety belts, lighting standards of the time, a power steering of the time also .. .

It must be “piloted” with gentleness, anticipation and great vigilance. The 200 horsepower V8 engine propels it easily, but the unattended braking and course change reaction time limits fast driving. The chassis is not made for that, it feels good on the handling of the vehicle, it has no assistance in use.

From half a day, you can realize your dream in a budget content. Caution and gentleness remain in use when using these pretty fifties, they have no “assistance” modern.

Rent this Mustang without driver

Firstly, you must fit to our rental conditions (list on demand). Prices extract including standard insurance with assistance :

  • 300 € the half-day (morning or afternoon),
  • 400 € the day.
  • other duration: contact us


  • insurance “all risks”: add € 30 € per day
  • additional driver: add € 50 (total duration of the contract)

Do not hesitate to consult us for longer durations, we will establish a quote (free). Beyond a one-day rental, the Mustang must be parked in closed shelters and insurance “all risk” must be add.

Story of “Joe”:

Imported in May 2017 from California, Santa Monica, she was upgraded 5 months to be fit for service :) She was overhauled completely on the harness, the engine block had an upgrade with a high-flow water pump, a 3-row aluminum radiator, the running gear and suspensions were refurbished, the brakes were refurbished and it also received a double exhaust. Soils were taken up, cleaned and then benefitted from a sound insulation and thermal insulation of 7 mm.

Its original color is Honey Gold Metallic, the Mustang was manufactured in October 1964, it is millésime 1965 because it is really the second evolution of the Mustang produced by Ford factories. Coming from the San Jose California plant, it was delivered to the Los Angeles dealership. It is powered by a 4.7 liter engine block V8 289 Code C developing 200 horses. Its gearbox is 3 ratio, the average consumption is around 17 liters per 100 km.

Why “Joe”: The keys to the car were provided with a keychain named Joe who stayed to name this beautiful Mustang coupe

Extract of our conditions of eligibility:

5 years of license with 5 years of minimum insurance,
no withdrawal or cancellation of alcohol license, narcotic, excessive speed in the last 5 years, probationary license not accepted,
rental deposit 5000 euros, with insurance deductible at 3000 euros
each driver must be declared on the term rental insurance contract,

Extract from our rental conditions:

The car is to take charge and bring back to Pornic,
The fuel is exclusively unleaded 95 SP95 or unleaded 98 SP98, it is strictly forbidden to put fuels with Ethanol or diesel fuel.
The full is done at the beginning, it must be made to restitution. Charges apply in the opposite case in addition to an additional fuel bill.

Contact us at 06 01 81 94 06 for more details and additional information.

See you soon,

The VTC Collection team